Root Canal Therapy in Saginaw, MI

Grove Dental Group is happy to offer root canal therapy in Saginaw, Michigan, for patients who are experiencing severe dental discomfort. Dr. Robert Cady uses this treatment to heal damaged or decayed root tissue. Schedule a visit with our dentist and team to learn more information by calling our dental office at 989-754-0219 today.

Root canal therapy is the most well-known endodontic treatment, designed to restore the damaged or diseased pulp in the root of your tooth. Our dentist will recommend this treatment to patients suffering from severe toothaches caused by dental decay that has reached, infected and inflamed the dental tissue of the tooth root.

The ultimate goal of root canal therapy is to save your infected tooth before harmful bacteria kills the “nerves” of the tooth or causes further dental issues. The treatment itself is simple. We remove the infected tissue, apply medication, and fill, cap and seal the tooth with a dental crown to protect it and encourage healing. The end result is a restored tooth and smile.

To ensure your root canal experience is positive, our team offers sedation options and will talk you through the procedure before beginning treatment. To learn more, and to schedule your consultation with our team, call or visit our office today.